Can you Handle the Jandal, Bro?

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014
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New Zealand is known for beautiful scenic landscapes, innovation, and a hard-yakka approach to sports and adventure. It’s little surprise, then, that all three of those famously Kiwi qualities have been combined in a world-first adventure experience.

5X1NZ is unlike any other sporting or adventure experience, packing five adrenaline-filled thrills into just one day in, around and over Queenstown.

Released on September 23 in a global partnership between Tourism New Zealand and STA Travel, 5X1NZ is an only-in-New-Zealand experience and thrill-junkie’s dream. Visitors to New Zealandand and locals alike who complete this unique, world-first tourism experience will join an elite club of adventurers who conquer a

  • skydive
  • snowboard
  • mountain bike
  • bungy
  • jetboat

…all within a single day, and in one adrenalin-filled epic experience after the other.

To demonstrate the new experience, Tourism New Zealand challenged film director Justin McMillan and skydive athlete Chuck Berry to film a non-stop action sequence, during which Chuck completed all five sports within a single hour:

Risk-taking is a way of life for Kiwi thrill-seeker and dare devil Chuck Berry - a professional RedBull-sponsored athlete and stuntman who loves nothing better than an adrenalin-defying challenge. Of completing 5X1NZ, Berry said:

“I’m used to jumping out of planes, but the idea of free-fall followed by boarding, biking, bungy and boats was enough to make my blood pump. As far as I know, no one else has ever done it and now anyone that’s mad enough can give it a go. I couldn’t take the smile off my face for days afterwards.”

Think you can handle the jandal, as the locals say? The 5X1NZ can be booked exclusively through STA Travel.

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