‘Zip’ Away on AJ Hackett Bungy’s New Kawarau Zipride

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Tuesday, 2 April 2013
an image AJ Hackett Bungy Ltd

Adventure tourism leader AJ Hackett Bungy is set to open a new thrill ride at its famous Kawarau Bridge Bungy site - the much anticipated Kawarau Zipride.
The Bungy pioneers are proud to announce the upcoming launch of their latest innovation, a ride that’s described as ‘fun for all ages.’
The Kawarau Zipride features three zip lines which each cater for singles or tandems, meaning up to six people can ride at once, cruising at speeds of up to 60kph on a 260m ‘return trip’ alongside the stunning Kawarau River.
Bungy co-founder Henry van Asch said the new ride was designed to perfectly complement existing product offerings across the four AJ Hackett Bungy sites in New Zealand. Current activities on offer include four Bungy Jumps, two Swings, a Bridge Climb, and now the Zipride will open at the World Home of Bungy - the place where the adventure tourism phenomenon all began 24 years ago – adding one more level of excitement into the mix.
“We’ve always prided ourselves on our development and innovation, and the new Kawarau Zipride is no different,” said Mr van Asch.
“We’ve recognised for some time that what is considered ‘an adventure’ is different for all people, so there was an opportunity to offer something new and different to the thousands of visitors who come to the Kawarau Bridge to ‘look, but not jump’.
“It’s less daunting than Bungy Jumping, but still a great personal challenge for many. I’d happily get my octogenarian mother and six-year-old daughter to do it.
“With the new Zipride we’re broadening the demographic of those we might appeal to, in line with Tourism New Zealand’s recognition of the ‘significant’ change in the market mix, seeing arrivals from Asia, in particular China, continuing to increase.
“For the past twenty-four years we’ve invited people to step outside their comfort zone, balancing perceived risk with the most stringent of safety measures.”
A unique feature of the Kawarau Zipride is its ability to rotate people 180-degrees at the end of the 130m-long line, giving them plenty of time to take in panoramic views of the Kawarau River gorge, as well as watch people jumping from the historic bungy bridge, as they are gently brought back to the launch deck.
The final paperwork is being given the big tick and rubber stamped by the relevant authorities this week, and the ride is scheduled to start operation tomorrow (Good Friday March 29).
“It’s been a huge challenge for our research and development team and engineers, so they and the crew out at the Kawarau Bungy Centre just can’t wait to get the green light to operate,” said Mr van Asch.
“It’s been in development for nearly three years and under construction for the past 12 months, so now we’re ready.”
Kawarau Zipride prices start from $60 for one adult ride and $40 for a child and there is a full range of multi-ride and Zipride/Bungy combo packages on offer.
AJ Hackett Bungy’s newly-renovated Kawarau Bungy Centre Bridge was recently re-launched by Prime Minister John Key. The centre’s upgrades and enhancements include the new Café ’88, the Liquid Courage Bungy Bar, an innovative digital photo and High Definition video system, and the Kawarau Zipride. The centre has been architecturally designed with the ability to transform into a state-of-the-art events venue by night, catering for up to 800 people for a cocktail or ‘standing’ function and 220 for a seated dinner.

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