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New Zealand Culture & Society

New Zealand has a unique cultural identity. Decidedly multi-cultural, modern New Zealand society is a fusion of Polynesian, Asian and European cultures. New Zealanders are recognised globally for their progressive humanitarian stance, liberal politics and world-leading social welfare.

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New Zealand History

From Polynesian settlement to Post-Colonial identity, learn about New Zealand's comparatively short history.

Maori Culture

Read about New Zealand's unique and beautiful Maori culture.

New Zealand Etiquette

Including the correct protocol for visiting a Maori meeting house, or Marae.

New Zealand Politics

New Zealand political parties, political history and current Prime Minister.

New Zealand Language

Common Maori language terms and a brief guide to Kiwi slang.


From pohutukawa to pavlova, Kiwiana are unique cultural icons of which New Zealanders are very proud...

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Skiing, bungy jumping, hiking, jet boating... New Zealand is the ultimate destination for fun and adventure! 

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