Akaroa & Banks Peninsula

An explosive volcanic history and rich wildlife population make charming Akaroa and sprawling Banks Peninsula a spectacular year-round destination.

Akaroa and Banks Peninsula Destinations


Akaroa and Banks Peninsula


Accommodation in Akaroa & Banks Peninsula is as charming and eclectic as the region itself, made up of hidden-away B&Bs, eco-retreats and cosy homestays.

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 Dolphins below the water, Kaikoura, New Zealand.  Kaikoura Tourism

Akaroa and Banks Peninsula


Marine activities are popular in the region, with various companies offering dolphin swims and harbour cruises. There's something for everyone!

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About Akaroa & Banks Peninsula

Banks Peninsula is the intricate thumbprint that juts out from the South Island’s east coast. Best known for Akaroa - the quaint French-inspired village popular for dolphin watching - Banks Peninsula is home to so much more!

An explosive volcanic history has turned Banks Peninsula into the complex and endlessly surprising labyrinth of bays, hills and harbours that it is today. Renowned for its charm, history and wildlife, Banks Peninsula is a superb place to spend a day, a week or an entire holiday.

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How do you get to Akaroa & Banks Peninsula?

  • Travel by Plane
    • Banks Peninsula does not have an airport. The closest airport to Akaroa and Banks Peninsula is Christchurch International Airport, around an hour away.
  • Travel by Train
    • There are no train services to Akaroa.
  • Travel by Bus
    • There are a number of shuttle and tour operators who transport passengers between Christchurch and Akaroa on a daily basis. Lyttelton and some of the bays in Lyttelton Harbour can be accessed by public bus from Christchurch city.
  • Rent a Vehicle
    • Although most visitors explore Akaroa and Banks Peninsula by car or motorhome, neither can be rented in the Banks Peninsula area. It is advised to hire your rental vehicle in Christchurch or another SI arrival hub before arriving in the area.